Everyone involved in Rootz has a common belief, in that we all come from somewhere and we should embrace our Rootz.

Rootz are passionate about making a difference. It is our mission to affect as many children as possible, this we feel is achievable through sporting projects. Currently we are working in deprived areas that need a social renovation; these projects give our children the opportunity to play organised sports that can offer them a much needed social outlet.

Rootz depends heavily on local organisations and social clubs who feel as passionately about social development as we do. If we can offer our society the best possible start in life, then maybe we can make a small difference in the local social structures.

Social inclusion project

Rootz-New Addington is the latest project to be created to provide a social outlet for an area in need of social development. Participants and coaches have been selected from the local area to work together on this project.

NSC UK & Roehampton University

Rootz are proud to announce an official partnership with Network Sports Coaching UK. NSC UK are committed to deliver in partnership with Rootz projects around the country, enhancing opportunities through sport with quality coaching in adherence to Sports Coach UK.

We are also proud to announce we are a partner with Roehampton University’s Sports Coaching programme.